Show us your Bento Arm!

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    Have you made a Bento Arm or a Bento inspired Arm? Share it here
    Also, please do share constructive feedback from your build, so that we can improve our source files and documentation for the next release. Also if you have ideas for new things that you would like the Bento Arm to do please share that in the feature requests topic.

  • This is my Bento Arm/HANDi Hand combo! I added some pinstriping to the arm-shells using acrylic paints covered with a clear-coat.

    0_1506612640493_AL Blur.png

  • How can we attach Handi Hand to the Bento arm?

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    @dshamir said in Show us your Bento Arm!:

    How can we attach Handi Hand to the Bento arm?

    Hi dshamir. Welcome to the forum!

    To attach the HANDi Hand to the Bento Arm you will need to print the Wrist Connector.STL file from the HANDi Hand github repo and use it instead of the Wrist_Hand_Adapter_PLA.STL file as seen in the Bento Arm github repo. This modified wrist connector has cutouts to allow the HANDi Hand wiring to pass through the back of the connector through the wrist flexion bracket of the Bento Arm into the Breadboard Hub as described on p.14 of the HANDi Hand assembly manual. You will then need to make a cable with mating connectors that match those on the Breadboard Hub that is long enough to travel down the length of the arm, up the shoulder and then down into the base of the stand where we normally place the Arduino Mega that controls the HANDi Hand. Make sure to leave enough slack in the cable to allow for the movement in the elbow/wrist and you can affix it in place along the arm using zip ties or twist ties. I think we used the same continuous flex wire for this cable that was used in the fingers to make sure it was flexible enough around the Bento Arm joints and then we bundled it all together in a braided cable sleeve. If you are just wanting to connect the servomotors and are not connecting the sensors then you can maybe skip using the breadboard hub and just run some servo extension wires along the arm although I would still recommend keeping them together with the braided cable sleeve. If you want to also use the arm shells for the Bento Arm then we recommend adding some blue or clear elastics around the shells to help hold them on since the movement of the HANDi Hand cable can sometimes pop them off otherwise. Here is a photo that shows the HANDi Hand cable and the elastics for your reference.

    I have added a note in our todo list to add a section in to the next release of of the HANDi Hand assembly guide to document this process. In the near future we plan to release an updated version of the Breadboard Hub that uses a protoboard which should hopefully be easier to solder and assemble. We are hoping to include this improved protoboard in the next major release of the HANDi Hand which we have scheduled for Feb 2020. In the long term we are planning on turning that protoboard into a printed circuit board and adding a microcontroller onto it, so that the sensor signals from the hand can be digitized at the wrist and then just a single 3 wire cable will have to run along the arm to the Arduino.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • @blincadmin
    This project is for My son's Hight school science fair projects scheduled for dec 16, 2019

    Once the hand is connected to the Arm which software runs the hand and the arm?
    So far we achieved
    Fully assembled Arm with grip ( see Picture )

    Not done Yet
    connect to the wizard and program each servo
    then connect to the arm through the brachl/oplexus V1.0
    Xbox controller
    And The Myo Armband

    For the Hand
    We have all the parts
    needs to be assembled

    we need some help... Putting all together... Anyone we can contact by phone?
    We are from Montreal... Anyone working on this project in montreal?

    is it possible to purchase the hand already to attach to arm we built?
    I am afraid we don't have sufficient time!

    Thanks in advance

  • I tried reaching out to
    I got no response... Please let us know the best way we can get some help to finish this project

    Thanks in advance

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    @dshamir It looks you've made some great progress so far! Sorry that we missed your email. I have updated our contact page, so that the emails will go directly to me from now on (previously my professor was forwarding the emails to me, but maybe this adds an extra delay). I will follow up with you over email to try and set up a support call. Unfortunately, we do not sell HANDi Hands at this time, but we appreciate the feedback since we are considering trying to find a way to sell them in the future.

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